Art Courses

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Our unique teaching methods, combined the two teaching methods from the UK and HK. Inspiring by Montessori teaching method from Europe which stimulates creativity and develops multiple intelligence from childhood. Our teaching services aim to stimulate creativity as well as develop technical skills.

The class will be conducted in English, research shows arts training can enhance academic performance and is also an effective way to learn languages.

Because your little one is special and unique that is why we teach in small class setting and tailor make courses to suit each student's need, ability and interest.

For Teen and adult a more comprehensive programme will be used building in more conceptual, technical skills and history according to your ability, interest and need; of course keeping the fun and creativity!

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Art Jamming; creating a relaxing and fun environment to enjoy doing a piece of art work yourself. Escaping busy life creates a fantasy world, living your dream and take home this lovely experience and your own master piece!

Our special Art Jamming and wine tasting session is an amazing way to rejuvenate your soul. Be an artist for a day! Live a Bohemian life style for a moment! Eat, drink, paint and live!

Enjoy the wine and food with a group of good friends or come solo to meet people or just enjoy the joy of arts, wine and homemade food!

Our artists are passionate about art, wine and good food. Come and share our joy and passion and live as an artist for a day!