Painting Courses

Layered presentation

(Age:4+ 1hr class ,Including all materials & canvas board)

Inspiring by Montessori teaching method which emphasizes on independence, freedom within limits, and respect for a child’s natural development. …to read more

Tailor made individual teaching in small class setting, mixed age group will stimulate creativity and multiple intelligence; conducted in English to suit each student; mainly focus on Acrylic painting methods and techniques and improve hand-eye coordination. We will assist students in competition application and give out course certificate on request.

Layered presentation

(1.5hr class, 6 classes per course, Including all materials & canvas board)

For Teen painting courses, a more comprehensive programme will be used building in more conceptual, technical and historical approach according to students ability, interest and need; of course keeping the fun and creativity! …to read more

Tailor made small course will provide individual attention, exploring a wide range of materials, can choose to use Acrylic/oil painting and English /Chinese teaching. Portfolio review for those who want to study Art & Design in further education.

Layered presentation

(1.5hr class, Including all materials & canvas board)

For Adult a more changeling programme will be tailor made to individual students aiming to balancing students’ conceptual & technical development. …to read more

Taught by professional artist which encourages conversation and exchange with students. Students can choose to learn Acrylic/Oil painting and whether the class to conduct in English/Chinese teaching.